Our excursion to Hobby Lobby, and Project 365



This afternoon (ok, I’ll admit, almost evening), I went to Hobby Lobby with Meg and Claire.  For once we were just going to shop, not really for anything in particular (although there were two things that we needed to get, don’t worry, we remembered them).  Just browsing. 

 First thing after walking in was picking up a sale paper, which we always do, even if we’ve looked at it online before leaving the house lol!

 Then we wandered over to the area of the front of the store where they have displays with different kinds of decorations (one had Cowboy/girl lamps, coat hooks, plaques and other knick-knacks, another might have Princess or chickens). We looked at those for a little while, mostly sticking with the cowboy stuff and thinking of different ways we could decorate Adam’s room, then we went back a ways to the aisles where the pillows, baskets, lamps and picture frames are.  On one of the displays on the way had these little metal figurines made out of screws, washers, bolts, springs and other various hardware.  Most of them were little people golfing and p


laying tennis and things like that, but on the back of it, amongst the wire Motorcycles and pianos, there was this little jazz playing frog with a nut and washer top hat, and a spring and screw saxophone. I enjoyed this for a minute, toying with the idea of buying him and bringing him home to set on my desk, but I set him back down thinking Meg wouldn’t really like that as part of our “Shabby Chic” bedroom.  Plus, my desk wouldn’t really do him justice, being so cluttered with bottles and other knick-knacks (not to mention that it seems to be the catch-all of the bedroom).

We went back to the picture frames (one of my favorite parts of the store), and looked at those awhile. We then wandered over a few aisles to what I call, “The Pink Zone”.  They had all different kinds of pink things! Pink Paris themed, pink dress form themed, pink flower themed. Most of these have many many pieces that you can mix and match with pieces of other themes, as all are done using the same color scheme, and mostly the same designs, and thus, “Shabby Chic” :).  While in “The Pink Zone”, we found some adorable switch-plate covers (think, raised metal dots and curvy lines, weathered edges, pink of coarse 🙂 ), and picked up two for the switches in our (pink) bedroom.

On the way over to the place where they have the plaqu


es and signs, we past “The Hall of Mirrors”, aka the mirror aisle, where I snapped this, in a mirror: 

It was going to be both Claire and Meg, and they were both posing until I got the camera out. lol 

From there we went to the signs and wall a


rt, and then we split up and Meg went to fabrics and I went to jewelry making (another of my favorite sections).  In jewelry making I looked at the sterling silver “ear wires” (or fish-hook earrings), and looked for a frog charm or pendant to make a necklace with. They only had a few kinds, and some of them were the wrong sort of frog, but we found one called a Frog Bellies charm.  I got this and a chain, but decided against the earrings as that would mean getting different color beads (if I wanted any color other than pink lol), and I really didn’t want to use all my money on jewelry making stuff. 

After meeting up with Meg again, we went to scrapbooking (yet another favorite), and I got some blank cards and matching envelopes, because its mucheasier to buy them already cut and folded than to try to make your own, which I have done, but it looks much better this way and it’s actually cheaper.   Easier + Better Looking + Cheaper = Definitely.  I also got some much needed tape squares, before heading to my very favorite! The CLEARANCE section!! [cue fan-fair]

Yes! That wonderful wall just a hop, skip and a jump from the scrapbooking, small woodworking and dollhouse sections, where they place the discontinued and broken items.  Gradualy lowering the prices until they’re only pennies and someone buys them, or they end up in the dumpster (or wherever they put them).  It does come at some price though. [sigh] You have to really look for things.  After a bit of digging you can find some real gems though!  Like the faux leather “chain” (what wouldyou call that?) that I found. Uh oh. This changes things a bit. I really liked this one better than the cheaper chain I had gotten in jewelry making.  It was $5 instead of $3. But wait!  This one had two chains in it!

I had made up my mind to go put the first chain back and get this package of 2, when a bright yellow book caught my eye. What’s this? A book!? Why would they have a book in the clearance!?  It had a Pug with a camera strapped on his head on the cover with brightly colored letters.  Photo Jojo.  What’s that supposedto mean? Realizing it must be a photography book I picked it up and started browsing through.  It was about different projects to do with all those pictures gathering cyber dust on your computer.  Mosaics with CD cases?  Photo cupcakes?! Temporary tattoos?  Picture Calender with pictures of people holding the numbers?  Printed Purses? Sounds like my kinda book!  But that’s just in part ONE! Part two is about doing really cool things with your camera!  After the first project, they’re about getting out of the rut of taking pictures of the


same things over and over(and over and over and…).  But the first project was called Project 365.   Take one photo everyday for a year of, whatever your doing that day. Your lunch, the store, you at your friends party,  your friends dog at the party, anything.

Ok, I really, really liked this book.  I looked at the price, fully expecting it to be insanely high. But it wasn’t. $14. That’s what? 25% off the normal $20? I decided to put back the switch-plate covers, we could get those some other time.  I put back the tape squares, maybe  I could find a glue stick at home.  I had another chain at home that should work for the frog charm, so I put back both chains.  But, I was definitely keeping the cards and envelopes, that was what I came for, and the frog was something I kept forgetting to get. 

So, I checked out with just the charm, cards and the book. 🙂  All still only right at $20, which I had gotten in Christmas money from my Aunt.  Thank you Aunt DB!!

I had decided to do a picture a day for my blog a few days ago, and after getting Photo Jojo, I have decided to do it!  I may not succeed, but I’m going to try!  Sometimes I may do it as a weekly post with the pictures from everyday. 

Without further adieu,


Day 1 of Project 365;

Morning Coffee

 Well,with that, I must bid you goodnight!

9 thoughts on “Our excursion to Hobby Lobby, and Project 365”

  1. Hi Amy!
    I did Project 365 in 2009. It’s fun! You’ll enjoy it! I like the pic you posted above, very cool with the shadow. I don’t think I ever noticed your blog previously, yay! Love reading my friends’ blogs! Blessings!


  2. Very awesome post 🙂
    I have never been in a Hobby Lobby before, but they sound neat! Hehe. We passed one down in Ohio this fall 😀
    Cool ideas from the picture book!! I’ve always admired people who can do things like that. I am no good with a camera 😛 I’ll just stick with the pen and paper thanks 😉
    Very nice picture, and post! 🙂


  3. @ Tanya Bee, Actually this is Annie, Amy’s daughter, But thank you! That’s a real complement! Mom’s blog is You should check it out! We’ve started (yes I take partial credit lol 😉 ) a weekly series called “Try it Tuesday”, every Tuesday we post a recipe, and our reveiws from the last weeks recipe.

    @Rae, WHAT!??!! You’ve NEVER been to a HOBBY LOBBY!! [faints]


  4. Haha! Nope, never have 🙂 I would very much like to, but I have not been to one yet 😛
    It kind of sounds like a much bigger version of a store we had here called TNT I believe. It was such a fun little place, with furniture, nicknacks and tons of cool things 🙂 But they closed down a few years ago.


  5. That’s sad… 😥 Yes, it sounds very similar, just much bigger. Do they have them in your area? It’s probably my very favorite store. They have tools (Like hot plates for embosing, little pliers for jewelry, craft knifes and stamps and things), and all the suplies. There are a few in the KC area, but there are two close to us. One is in our old neighbor town (the town next to where we used to live), and the other is just above our town now. We always go to the old one though, because the other one is creepy. lol Well, not really creepy… It’s like they tried to squish it all in a store that was too small, so its very crowded, and it’s dark (because it’s so crowded.)


  6. Hey girl, glad you’re doing the 365 project! I actually thought about doing it this year, but decided that I needed to try to focus on some other “do every day this year” projects (like Bible-reading and prayer). That’s awesome–keep it up all year ’cause I can guarantee anyone who does it that their photography skills will improve.


  7. Yes, it is sad! I really liked that store! It had the most fun little things! Just waiting for you to waste your money on! 😉
    I don’t know. There might be one in the Twin Cities, but we very rarely get down there. And if we do, it’s not to shop, but rather to visit my grandpa and his wife…it’s a huge city, with lots of people! 😛
    Haha! It’s creepy? Jk. I know what you mean! Yes, that would seem a bit creepy!! Dark…ick! 🙂


    1. I looked on the website, and the only ones in MN are in Rochester and Mankato. :(you might try Micheals though. There are a few of those around St./Minn. 🙂 And there’s a Joann’s in Baxter. Those are both like Hobby Lobby, but a little more $$. You should look on the websites! you can also order online. 🙂


  8. Oh bummer! Oh really? Hm. I’ll check it out. I’m sure there is something like it in St. Cloud, which is only 45 minutes away from us. Maybe even possibly in Duluth 🙂
    Do you have the site address?


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