Day 2, Project 365

Now, just so you know, I did not post twice in one day, even though it says that I wrote the last post at just after midnight this morning.  I fineshed and posted at 11 something, and my blog is an hour ahead. 🙂

Today I really couldn’t think of anything to take a picture of that’s different from what I usually do.  I tried many times to get a good picture of my ring and/or necklace, this is what I came up with. This is not a cake (as Meg though), or  wheel of cheese, it is, in fact, a bed post.

Then this evening on the way home [Daddy interrupts my writing] we were attacked by a flock of angry light squiggles! It was terrifying yet beautiful! I couldn’t look away!  March of the Valkyries played in the background!  [/Daddy interrupts my writing] Ahem,  this evening on the way home from Quiz practice, as we were driving through KC, I realized that the city lights would make a really cool picture!  I snapped a few shots, but they all looked wrong.  Then realized that it was perfect for light paintings!!

Day 2, Light Paintings
Day 2, Light Paintings

We have a Bible Quiz  tomorrow, so I guess I will…do something [Daddy interrupts my writing] really cool![/Daddy interrupts my writing]… ok… I guess that’s what I’ll do… if brushing your teeth is really cool…

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