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HAPPY NEW YEAR! or !RAEY WEN YPPAH, a summary of 2010

Wow. It happened again. My watch beeped telling me its a new year. Well, ok, it just beeped to tell me that another hour had gone by, but the sentiment is the same. ūüôā I’m very glad 2010 is finally over, although, it still feels like we should be saying “Happy New Year” for it.

¬† It’s been the longest, and shortest year of my life,¬†all at the same time.

  So much heartache, and joy, all at the same time.

¬†I’m glad it’s gone, and wish I had it back, all at the same time.

Oh, well.

Moving on. ūüôā¬†

Highlights of 2010 (best as I can remember going from beginning to end, with help from pictures lol):

  • Hannah hitting Adam with a metel camp plate frisbee style, and giving him a big cut/bruise under his eye
  • Getting my first camera (Nikon coolpix, nothing fancy)
  • Going to the Iowa Bible Quiz¬†Tournament for the¬†first time(the first time I had gone anywhere for a sport type thing),¬†in February
  • ¬†Adam’s “Lost in Space”¬†Birthday, we wrapped him in foil for a Space suit, and made a giant mound of cake and put oreos on it for craters and sugar letters saying things from “Lost in Space” (60’s [?]¬†TV show), which he took off and wrote his name with in his Ravioli
  • About March, we¬†started making¬†co-ordanating Easter skirts, and I started Scrapbooking again, moving on from my attempts back before Adam was born
  • We planted a small potted garden
  • Somewhere in here, Hannah learned to write her “H’s” as we call them (two¬†big¬†¬†H’s next to each other, that we later taught her to put farther apart and we write “anna” between, she’ll get the rest soon, she has fewer letters to learn than most people lol)
  • In April, We took our first trip to Branson and Silver Dollar City
  • I learned how to crochet and¬†started a blanket for Will
  • May14, Will died
  • May 20, Will was born, in Nashville TN, at Vanderbilt, with our Midwife, K
  • May 24, Claire’s 10th Birthday
  • June, Meg,¬†Claire and I got to church camp, Meg and Claire’s first¬†time and my second
  • We move into¬†the house in Hville¬†and the next day¬†get our first dog (Border Collie, Lab, German and Australian shepherd mix, what were we thinking?!)
  • July, I turned 16
  • Aug, catch our first snake out here
  • September, I go on a week long peregrination (tee hee, love thesauruses) to Washington DC and NY city with my Aunt and Uncle, my first time in¬†both¬†cities and¬†at least four states
  • We finally celebrate Claires birthday
  • October, went to my Cousins Wedding, and ate at Wimpys (The BEST burger joint in Tennessee, a Jr. Wimpy is 1/2 a pound of meat, and a Wimpy is a pound, I got a Jr. with grilled onions and swiss cheese :q lol)
  • Adam and Dad were part of the skit at “The R_ Family Fun day”, a almost fair type thing¬†the R_¬†family puts on every fall
  • Meg turned 13 and had her 13th Birthday Tea (a new¬†tradition for Hall girls 13th birthdays ūüôā )
  • About here I got my Drivers License, started S&D, and we got two cats from friends (yes they are still our friends even though they gave us their meanest cat lol)
  • November, Thanksgiving my aformentioned Aunt, Uncle and family come to our house , and my Opa “kidnaps” my Oma and takes her to our house, by the end of the week 11 of the 13 of us had gotten the 24 hour¬†stomach flu I had had a few weeks before (it slowly worked its way through us, but then when company came, it took off!)
  • Hannah turned 4 the day after Thanksgiving,
  • The Monday after Thanksgiving I got my wisdom teeth out
  • December, Mom and Dad go on a second Honeymoon in Branson for two nights, for their 20th, Meg and I babysat
  • Christmas, we go to IL,KY and TN visiting friends and family the whole way, we are all amazed that Great Grandmama Money is still alive (Last year we all thought it would be her last Christmas)

Overall, a pretty good year, but the parts that I wish hadn’t happened are the worst and most memorable ones.

Now we get to the fun part,

Resolutions for 2011 (in order that they pop into my head)

I will:

  • Make Baby hats
  • Breath
  • Eat and drink
  • Crochet
  • Blow my nose (sorry, but I will)
  • Listen to music
  • Cough (just did, got that one taken care of lol)
  • Blink
  • Take pictures
  • Take lots of pictures
  • Bathe at least once a week ūüėČ
  • Brush my hair
  • Brush my teeth
  • Change clothes
  • Scrapbook and make cards
  • Drive
  • Read
  • Study for Bible Quiz
  • Tell Jokes and try to make people laugh (hopefully you are already ūüėÄ )
  • Stretch
  • Sleep
  • Go shopping
  • Walk the dog
  • Watch Tv
  • Waste time
  • Be cold
  • Be hot
  • Be comfortable
  • Be uncomfortable
  • Likely be bitten by mosquitoes and other evil bugs
  • Talk
  • Blog ūüôā
  • Go to the dentist
  • Take out my contacts and put them back in (at some point)

Yes I can think of other things, but I’m not going to share them, as the list would be much longer and semi boring, you may thank me.¬†*high voice* Thank you Annie! ūüėČ

In case you’re wondering, yes, I am going to write a Christmas Post,¬† it is in the works (mostly pictures, so its quite large).

Well, I haven’t slept all year, so for now, I bid you, Good night, and Happy New Year!

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