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Deck the WHOS!?

Well, it’s that time of year again. Sigh, yep.  The time of year when people start singing about beating me up with  plants that have spiky leaves, and poisonous berries.  Why can’t we just stick to “God Rest Ye Merry Gentelmen” and “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” ?  You would think they could find a better subject to sing about, but alas! Oh, well. 🙂

This afternoon I went on a photo taking hike (as much of a hike as you can take on our property).  I walked back behind the row of wild Blackberry bushes and was crunching along through the tall grass, when I heard this big THUMP THUMP THUMP like something really big  jumping. I looked around and saw this big gray/brown thing with a white tail jumping off into the woods (that I was on my way to). The first thought through my head was “Kangaroo!”, because it had such a long tail, but then I realized, there haven’t been any kangaroo sightings in Missouri in decades, so I decided it must have been a deer.  I went on through the (very small) woods, and saw some squirrels, but they must have been Amish, because they didn’t want their pictures taken either (something about religious convictions).  I also found some very interesting trees.   Then I came to a place that reminded me of something from a story, like where Elves would live or something.  

And my favorite picture is a panorama, so it’s too big to upload here. 😦

I stayed here awhile and looked around. I wanted to take more pictures than I did, but the camera was already saying low batterie, and I wanted to get some bird pictures. 🙂  On I walk, getting back on the nature trail Claire has been mowing around the fence-line.  Boy! When I found birds, I found lots of them, but, if you’ve ever tried to take pictures of birds, you know they have very similar convictions about pictures as squirrels, so I didn’t get very many good pictures.

Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal

My FAVORITE picture of the birds


The Cardinal MOFS (Mothers Of Fledglings) group. The snack today; Hedge-apples.


I had a few little metal wreathes, and a little tree, that I couldn’t decide what to do with, so this evening I made some Christmas cards with them. 

 two finished products 🙂


And one I’m not quite satisfied with yet :

While I was working on cards, Meg was busy making Kitty “Stay” in a small box for such a big dog. lol  

Our cats have been moved to the garage.  They started being naughty! One of them wet my bed, and earlier Whiskers was scratching the couch.  It’s been quite a trick keeping them in the garage though! Anytime you open the door, one or both of them bolt into the mud room!  I’m kind of sad about it, I was hoping we could keep them inside. I love having a cat in the house (if it is civilized lol). 

To end on a high note, Tim Hawkins, Do you hear what I hear? 

Well, that’s enough for tonight! I really must be off to bed!

5 thoughts on “Deck the WHOS!?”

  1. I hardly ever use my camera and it always says it has low batteries, so very annoying.
    From what I hear, Missouri is full of strange creatures I would hate to run unarmed. Maybe something besides Elves are hanging out there? Like, bigfoot?
    Kangaroos are becoming scarce here also, probably due to the increase in wolves 😦 it looks like there may be a closely regulated wolf season here though, and some people I know hope to taste wolf flesh legally before they die. A thrilling idea to me.


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