Yesterday after church we went to Cracker Barrel :D.  After they finished eating Adam and Daddy went outside to play  checkers.  The rest of us finished eating, we went out to watch the game.  To everyone’s surprise, Adam had four checkers left and Daddy only had 2. o.O  Adam won! No one has ever beat Dad!  After that we went to the shooting range. It was the first time we shot Daddy’s big commie gun.  Man that thing is huge!  It was interesting to hear the different guns shoot (Even with earplugs you can hear them).  It is very very loud.  Doesn’t kick as much as everyone makes it sound though!  I only got to shoot twice because we got there at 3:30 and they closed at 4:30, and everyone shot except Hannah (I think it would throw her off the bench).  The first time I completely missed the target (I’ve only shot like two other guns, both BB guns), because Daddy didn’t show me the notch and I couldn’t find it.  The second time was much better. I think I got a 10. Only three of us shot at that target (Meg, mom and I), and there were three holes, a 7 and two 10s.  I think meg and I got the 10’s and mom got the 7 (She claims to be a really bad shot, but she also claimed to be a bad bowler).       

So here’s what (I think) our next few weeks look like:  

Nothing much this week till Thursday  

Thursday: Debate tournament from 9-3 (Gr) then we will leave for Branson.  

Friday: Go to Silver Dolar City with the W family (:D)  

Saturday: Go home (either Friday or Saturday)  

Between here and the next Friday I think my aunt and uncle are coming up. 🙂  

 Thursday: Debate class  

Friday: Miss quiz Practice. Drive to KY  

Saturday:Miss November Quiz :'(.   Go to a friends wedding  

Then come back Sunday or Monday.  


We’ve had a very busy month, and I’m not sure why! 😦 We never do this much!  Friday, before quiz practice, we went fishing in our pond!  We caught 24 fish, I think they were bluegill.  After that we went in search of a spot for the clubhouse we’ve been wanting to build.  We found a really big tree that we thought would be a great spot, but we think it’s dieing.  Saturday we went fishing again with Daddy. We caught 23 fish. One was 8 1/2 inchs long and another was 7 1/2.  We showed Daddy the tree we wanted to build the clubhouse at, and asked him what he thought. We walked around to the side that we think got struck by lightning, and it was all eatten up with turmites :P, so we started looking for another location.   We found a big slab (it’s 12×11) between some trees. Today we cleared the grass and dirt off and cut down a few little trees. 😀 Now we need to work on plans and aquiring lumber and whatnot. 🙂  

There are turkey tracks in the concrete!


We have THE weirdest dog! we'd pull up a clump of dirt and grass and throw it over to her and she would jump catch it and "Break it's neck" it's her favorite thing to do!


I can't wait till the clubhouse is done!!


This is what it looked like not too long after starting (We don't have a picture of before we started.)


Everyone is helping!