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Jump fast, Answer right, And call your mom every night!

My first Bible Quiz team in 2008, we were so cute!


It’s  the  first  quiz  of the  season.   The  Quizmaster  begins  the  quiz  with  “John  2:13      Where  did?”  You have three chapters but chapter 2 is your best one  so  you  jump  without  waiting  a  second  “Glory   3,  please  finish  the  question.”  You  got  the  jump!  “2:13   Where  did…  Where  did  Jesus  go?   Up to  Jerusalem?”   “20  points!”   What  a  great  way  to  start  the  season! 

I wish I could say that’s how my first quiz went. I wish I did have three chapters. I wish I could tell you that I wasn’t number 97th out of  130 quizzers. I wish I could say that I quizzed out every round, or at least almost did.  But no matter how much I wish, I didn’t. I’ve never quizzed out. I was 97th. I have only the shortest chapter (And not even all memorized.)  That’s not at all how my first quiz of the season went, it went more like this;

It’s  the  first  quiz  of the  season.   The  Quizmaster  begins  the  quiz  with  “John  2:13      Wh?”   Of course, one of the quizzers on Seekers jumps (a reference jump I might add), they’re some of the best in the country, but you didn’t even jump!  That’s your chapter! Wake up!  “Seekers 1, please finish the question.” The quizzer steps up and bends over and “reads” the floor (Bends over and acts like the verse is written on the floor)  “2:13 Wh… wh…Where?  Where  did  Jesus  go?   Up to  Jerusalem?”   “20  points!”   And that’s the way your whole day goes. You didn’t jump hardly at all, even though you know your stuff pretty well.

Yup. that’s about it.  I did jump. Not much.  I did get a few jumps. I even got the questions right a couple times.  On the bright side, our team was 4th only to Seekers, Strive, and Surge.  I know the names likly mean nothing to you.  They’re the best teams in the nation.  I have an AWESOME team!  Not only are they all great quizzers, they’re really really fun! Let’s meet them shall we.

Allison, (aka Dory),  Amy (aka Coral),  Timothy (Amy’s brother aka Fang , the third jellyfish),  Steve (aka  Nemo),  Tyler (aka Anchor),  Chris (aka Sherman the dentist), our Wonderful coach, Mr. C (aka Marlin) annnnnd ME (aka Flo)   That’s us! Seekers of His Glory!

So,I did pretty aweful.  What am I going to (try to) do different this month?  I’m so glad you asked. 

I should have; studied (memorizing at least 2-3 verses and reviewing all of them) everyday.   What I did? Not that! I frittered my time away on facebook and, Hrm, Jibe Now.  This month, I’m going to study!  Everyday this week I have reviewed.  I need to memorize!  I need to work on my jump, maybe try out a new  style.

Jump Fast, Answer Right, Call your mom every night.  Maybe we should add “Study Hard” to the old Quiz saying. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Jump fast, Answer right, And call your mom every night!”

  1. Hi Annie, I’m glad to see that you’re enjoying Bible Quiz so much. Way long ago I did AWANA Bible Quiz, but I was never very good at it. 😛

    I wanted to let you know that I noticed that your blog was looking a little funny, specifically the way that pictures and the sidebar were displaying. So I fixed it for you tonight. Let me know if anything else looks out of kilter.

    -Paul 🙂


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