yawn… How ’bout some pictures?


Howdy lil’ cowpoke! Let’s go to Silver Dollar City!!!

Claire bear!!
See? I can Make that face everyone on facebook is always making too!! Why do they make that face?”
“What did you do to your *PANTS*!?!?”
Claire:”Look at how big my nose and cheeks are!!” Hannah:”No, I’m watching Annie drive. I hope she doesn’t kill us all.”
Hannah:”See? I’m *SMILING*!!!” Claire:”Oh my word! I can’t believe it!!!”
Butterfly eatting rotting peaches on our front porch 🙂
Claire and Kitty Dawg
Evil Possessed pine trees that try to reach out and shred or strangle me when I try to mow around them
Never lose your sense of wonder at His Creation
#LOL Claire!
Can you believe it? A picture of me I actualy kinda like!! Please Comment!!!

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