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Welcome Home Kitty!!!!

Hi friends!

Well we’ve got some big news!  Saturday we moved out to our little farm south of Kansas City.  We have 10 acres, with a little pond.  Sunday we went to go get the puppy we looked at last weekend.

Kitty is a German shepherd, Australian shepherd, Border Collie, Lab mix.  Basicly a mutt. She’s about 8 or 9 weeks old. I think she must be nocturnal. Because it seems like she’s never awake during the day, but at night, when she’s in her crate, she will not go to sleep! Last night she was barking and whining all night long!  Even when we put her downstairs (She had been in my brother’s bedroom across from ours) we could hear her carrying on.  She’s too cute to be mad at for long. 🙂

Yesterday the people came to mow the hay (They mow it for free for their horses).  Earlier we went out to the wild black berry bushes to see if any where ready to pick (they weren’t).  The fields look very different! 

Hm… let’s see… What could I write about… Well, today we picked berries.  There weren’t many. From what we got yesterday and today, we have 2 cups. -_- Hm, let’s see. At this rate, by Thursday I should have enough for a cobbler! lol   Would you like the recipe? I thought so!

Cuppa Cuppa Cobbler


  • Cuppa Sugar
  • Quarta Berries or Chopped Fruit
  • Splasha Water

Put sugar and fruit in sauce pan.  If very dry, put in a splash of water. Boil until thick.  Set aside to cool.


  • Cuppa Flour (Self-rising)
  • Cuppa Sugar
  • Cuppa Milk
  • Sticka Butter (Melted)

Mix sugar and flour ingreadients in a bowl. Stir in melted butter and milk. It will look very thin.

Pour filling into square baking pan.  Pour topping over top (gasp).  You can stir it up, or leave it like this. Bake at 450 for 20-30 minutes or until it has pulled back from the sides a little.

Note: you can use a quart and a half of fruit and double the topping to fill a 9x13x2 pan.

Hope this works for you! We love this and eat it many ways. Hot from the oven topped with Ice Cream (I like to mix them up in my bowl :D), cold from the fridge for breakfast (don’t frown! most pancakes are as bad or worse for you than this!).

Yum. Lasagna for dinner. 😆


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