A tag from Strive


Your hair color: dark brown

Your eye color: Brown

Your skin color: Farmer tan

Your hairstyle: almost to my waist

Your height: 5’6-7"

Your age: 14


Favorite color: Azure

Favorite song: Worldwide ~ Audio Adrenaline, or One of These Days ~ FFH, or Big Fish ~ FFH, or…  Ok I have lots of favorites!

Favorite book: DO HARD THINGS, or something by Lewis

Favorite movie:  Princess Bride

Favorite animal: Umm… Cat? I don’t know.

Favorite school subject: Reading

Your life:

Have you accepted Christ as your savior? Yes!

If so, when? Ooh, don’t remember…

How many siblings do you have? 5, Sarah, Bear, Scot, Bunny, Charity

What grade are you in? 9th

What state do you live in? AL

Do you have any pets? Nope

What job do you want to have when you grow up? wife, mother and Midwife

What job do you currently have? babysitting, and in the summer, mowing


What is your home? (e.g. apartment, cottage) plain old house

What color is it? Brick red

What color are the shutters? Light tan

How many stories is it? 6 book shelves worth. ; ) 1

What color is your bedroom? blueish green

Do you have to share it with anyone? Well, yes and no. I kind of share it with Scot.

What color is your living room? Super light blue

Your bathroom? light blue

Your kitchen? same as the living room

What room do you do school in? My room mostly

I will tag……. Sarah, SamIam, Lacy, Fiddler4Him, stillsmallvoice

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