Quotes, quotes and more quotes!

  1. Daddy: "I hope I pass something along to my children. <pause> Something good… not like the flu… or a bad habit."
  2. CT (Short for Chocolate Tornado aka Bunny): "It’s not yummy! It’s not yummy!" (How can she say pizza isn’t yummy?!?!)
  3. Scot (at age three, in his sleep): "Heddo diddle cattapidda"
  4. CT: "Ah wahn juicy. No milky."  None understood her so she threw a fit…
  5. Scot: "Mama, will you open this for my carrots?

Mama: "Thats sour cream. You don’t want that."
Scot <runs back to the kitchen, comes back with another bottle>: "Mommy will you open this?"
Mama: "Bubba, that’s blue cheese dressing.  Only Daddy likes that."
Scot <to the kitchen and back>: "What about this one?"
Mama: "Yeah, that’s ranch, but you don’t have a plate."

Have fun!

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