Sorry I haven’t posted in a while.   Do you like my new template?  The background is actually a tie dye bandanna of mine.  Sarah and I were playing with the scanner the other day, just scanning different things.  Beanie babies, swatches of cloth, balls, all kinds of stuff.  Go over to Sarah’s blog and Beary’s blog, to see their new stuff.

Does anyone have any loom knitting patterns they would like to share? I have found a few I like.  Baby doll  and Pom Pom

Check out the video on the side-bar.


2 thoughts on “Sorry!`”

  1. To put a slideshow in a post, get the HTML code for it, then go into the new entry postiy box thingy (where you write a new entry) and click the SOURCE button. That puts you into HTML version. 🙂 Just put the code in there, and click preview entry to make sure the slideshow made it in right. 🙂


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