Blisters and sunburn!

  Hedoh diddow cattowpiddah!

I have blisters between my toes and under the calluses on the balls of my feet from walking in flip flops.  Sunburns on my shoulders and back from wearing my new swimsuit without sunscreen. I hurt!  And I have a wacky tan line on my arms.  From right above my elbows, down, (on top) I have a really dark tan.  Right above that I have a really dark burn.  I also burned my legs.  For the first time. I’ve never burned my legs.  For once my face didn’t burn.  Enough languishing.

Oh, something funny happened this morning when I was cleaning my room.  For some reason, there have been no sheets on my bed for about two weeks, and today I decided to put some sheets on.  Now I sleep on a king size bed, and if you’ve ever tried to put sheets on by yourself, you know how hard it is.  So I asked if somebody  could help me with my sheets.  And guess who comes in to help.  Bunny toddles in followed by Scot.  Bunny is not much taller than the bed,  and Scot’s 4.  They meant well.  But I think it would be easier to do it myself.

  The conference was great! Go to The Rebelution for pictures.  If you look really close at picture 25,  you can see my Daddy’s bald head, I’m the girl next to him.

P.S. D’ya like the new template?

4 thoughts on “Blisters and sunburn!”

  1. Cute template. 🙂

    Aren't sunburns terrible? I really only get them on my face tho. 😛 Except one time early this spring I burned my legs. lol.


  2. Hey Andie,

    Well, I found you through your comment on the Rebelution blog post about the Dallas conference. I was there, and I think it's really neat that you want to raise money for an ultra-sound machine. You might just be an answer to prayer. You see, I've been praying lately that God would show me if He wanted me to tackle a big hard thing, and if He did, that he would lead me to the specific task. Ever since I've read the Harris' Do Hard Things book, something has stuck in my mind about the boy who raised money for an ultra-sound machine, and I've been wondering if that's what God wants me to be involved with. I'm still not sure. But maybe you're a sign from God. I'll have to pray.

    Anyway, I guess I should I tell you a little about myself. I'm going to turn 15 in October, I live in central Texas, I'll be a sophomore next fall, I've been home schooled all my life, and a big extra-curricular activity for me is home-school speech and debate (so I like public speaking). Speech and debate is actually how I know 'fiddler4him' (aka Katie) personally. In fact, her sisters, Toni and Beth, and I are team members of the same blog! You can check it out at http://www.paulhastings0.blogspot.com (Paul is my brother).

    On the Rebelution Dallas photos you linked to, you can find me in picture #55. I'm the second girl from the left in the striped skirt. I looked for you on #25, but I couldn't tell which one was your dad. 🙂

    So if your interested, my email address is christina@boldmark.com. Let's both pray about this.

    In Christ,


  3. Hey I'm Michaela I'm a new blogger and I really enjoy it. I love your template and wanted to know if you'd like to be friends.Please check out my page and don't forget to comment.


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