No. I’ll answer you now. No, I have not gotten some strange Mexican disease and died, although Mama thought Bubba had something. He got some little red spots ’cause he slept "Oottzide" with the dogs the church keeps. No, we did not get stuck in the desert somewhere.  No, I didn’t have heatstroke.  No, I’m not in the hospital.  I just haven’t posted in forever!

 Daddy said I could change my pen name.   Andie instead of Lioness.  Lioness has too many syllables.  Have you ever seen the old "Cheaper by the dozen"?  The oldest girl’s name is Anne, and they  all call her "Andie".  And that’s the name I use on The Rebelution, so I guess I’ll use it on here too.

Well, I told you I’d post about the trip to Mexico.  

 We woke up at 4:30 (yes thats A.M.) Saturday morning, and drove to the meeting point to load the trailers.  From there we drove about, uh, a long time? Yeah, anyway, we drove and drove and drove… all day, till lunch. We stopped at Arby’s (not the whole group,just our family, we took our van). Another van stopped at Subway next door. Another van stopped at Brauhm’s (if that’s how you spell that) on that same exit. The lead van didn’t get the message in time that we were stopping, and drove on down some.  We finished our food (we hadn’t had any breakfast so we were starving), and went over to a little yard next to the gas station where the vans where filling up (they take forever) and played with the other kids.  We had been there for a while when one of the men got a call from the other van.  They had stopped "about 15 minutes away" and were just getting in to cracker barrel.  We had 50 some-odd people, and they stopped at cracker barrel.  Oh well, we got to run around some more. 

    When they were about done, we got back in the van and drove to meet them at cracker barrel.  We kept going, and going, for about 25 minutes.  Then we got there. Everybody loaded back up, and we left.

    We went until about 3, and stopped to get gas and go to the bathroom and get snacks– all the stuff you do on a long trip. There was one problem: The bathrooms. Tiny. We had to go two at a time. It took a lonnngggg time.  After we thought everybody was done, a bunch of folks went back in to get drinks (we had stopped at a restaurant, and some folks felt guilty for not getting something from there, I guess).

Well I’ll post more about the trip tomorrow. The Photo Bucket Editor is working now.  I made a new thing that you put at the end.  See?

3 thoughts on “No”

  1. Found you through the ModesTeen pledge. 🙂 Enjoyed a peek around. You have a very fun writing style. Blessings! ~Abigail Joy


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