Happy (late) Birthday Musical. I get to go. And an update on the garden. Warning! long post ahead!


Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to Dear Beary!

Happy Birthday to you!

For your birthday you and your whole family get to go back in time to an early summer in a year before airconditioning! 

Yep.  The heating and air folks just came last week, and they need to come again.  I sit here in the only semi-cool room in the house.  The basement.  Just think, in what 11 days, I’ll be on my way to Mexico.  About 13 degrees hotter.  Oh boy.

Here’s the Great Grand Daddy H rabbit trap we built last Friday:

Built in the true H way.  Made of some pallets we took apart, sticks from the yard and some old deck screws. The only thing we bought was a tool (that’s the rule, no matter the project, you always buy at least one tool).  It will more likely hurt anyone that gets near than catch a rabbit, but hey.

Now, guess where I get to go. Ok I’ll just tell you.  I’m too excited.  You know what?  I think I’ll just keep you in suspense for a while.  Oh I can’t wait.  I’ll just tell you now.  I get to go to The Rebelution Conference!  I can’t wait, except, the part were I have to stay home for a few days, while everyone else but Daddy go look at houses in Huntsville.  But then, while everybody’s gone I can work on that never-ending mathbook .  And fill you in on our trip to Mexico .  We’re going to fly down (after daddy gets home from work) the day before the Conference  (I’ve only flown once before).  I’m SOO EXCITED!  This definitely goes on the Events list on the sidebar!

Ok, I’m calmed down now.   And now the update on my "garden":

My Peppermint is doing much better now that I moved it to the deck, it was getting too hot out front.

My Lettuce is not doing so well.  See, all the wiltiness? // Don’t know why.

My Chamomile is doing great!  No flowers yet, though. (Thats just clover. I need to mow.)

See?  It’s so big I’ve started harvesting and drying.  Every time Daddy passes the pot he breaks some off and eats it.  It is good.

Well I warned you it was a long post.

Over and out…

7 thoughts on “Happy (late) Birthday Musical. I get to go. And an update on the garden. Warning! long post ahead!”

  1. I am so sorry I have not been commenting! The reason I got so many comments was that, when I started my blog, mom e-mailed ALL my relatives (I have quite a few of them) with my blog address, and they all comment a lot.

    You are going to a Rebelution conference?! I went to one, and it was wonderful! I wish I knew how to put in those count down things, except I don't really have anything to count down to.

    I hope your trip to Mexico goes well!
    Love in Christ,
    Jan aka Lacy


  2. I hope you have a wonderful time in Mexico on your mission trip. It should be an amazing experience! Have a safe and enjoyable time. Take care, Lacy's Aunt Sharon


  3. hey lioness!
    i didn't know you had this blog! we're gonna miss you when you guys move back to huntsville, i'll have to check your page often! i hope you can figure out who i am!! i'm not an stalker! lol


  4. Shar, from church, right? Just fits. I mean I think I sent you an Email with my blog URL. We've talked about the move at church. That's name of your team last year (you know what team). You say you know me personaly, and your the only person know with the name you hinted. Gonna miss you guys too. Everybody at H. You should make an acount on here, so I can keep up with stuff going on at church 'n' stuff. 🙂
    P.S. It sounds like you too. ; )Edited by DaddysLioness on Jun. 1, 2008 at 9:41 PM


  5. I don't think my family is going to grow herbs this year… 😦 We have planted some strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries, though! I hope we can get some fruit off of them… that would be sweet!


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