Tunics of skin

Hi Mr. Vanderhoganhagenmizer.  How’s the candle makin’ business?

Oh boy!  Last night, as we were getting ready for family devotions, we decided to do them "ootzide" since it was so nice out there and we got done with dinner early.  We have been reading Genesis, and last night we were at Genesis 3 (You know the part, the fall of man),  and when we got to the part after they sinned and God asked them were they were and they said "We’re over here.  We didn’t want you to see us because we’re naked." and God said "Who told you that?"  and they go on and on blaming each other and the serpent, and we got to the part  "Also for Adam and his wife the LORD God made tunics of skin, and clothed them".  Daddy went on reading, but Musical had a very disurbed look on her face, and she kept saying "Daddy?  Daddy?", trying to get his attention.  When Daddy stoped to see what she wanted,  I had figured out what her look meant, so I told Musical that God didn’t take two nicks out of their skin to make clothes for them.  When we were done laughing, Daddy explained what a tunic was, and that the skins were animal skins, not two little pieces of their skin.  Then when we were done reading and were talking, I guess Bubba still had that they were naked on his mind, and he blurted out (really loud) "That red guy’s naked!" pointing across the street at a man in a reddish T shirt, that looked like a really (really) bad sunburn, standing half behind a bush!  Oh, we tried not to laugh too loud, but it was hard.  LOL! 

After we were done, we were getting ready to play "Blind Guy in the Desert" I don’t know why it’s called that, it’s like freeze tag, but the person who’s "It" is blind-folded.  Our neighbors came over, and asked if their girls could stay with us for an hour, so they could go to Tae-Kwan-Do, and Daddy’s off today so they got to stay.  And we played with them and it was really good, because Mama made No-Bakes (Go to Musical’s blog for the recipe I think its still on the Recent Posts).

Well my times up on here.

5 thoughts on “Tunics of skin”

  1. And the photobucket thing. I'm not sure why it won't let you. It's still working fine for me. Try setting up a new account. For just editing if needed. 🙂


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