Have you ever had Swirl bread toasted?  It’s really good!  But not so good after it has sat in the toaster for two days, then toasted again to warm it up for some girl’s breakfast.  Have you ever had Panera bread? It’s really good!  But not so good after it has sat on the counter overnight , and gone stale.  I guess you know what I ‘m having for breakfast.  Yep. I love stale garlic toast, it tastes like croutons (which I like to pour a plateful, and drench in caeser dressing. MMMHHH), so I thought my piece of bread from supper last night, would be great today.  I never thought about how hard it has then, and that it would be ,ouch , I bit ma tongue , twice as hard today.  In fact, when I was getting some last night, it didn’t occur to me to use a knife, so I was standing there, pulling with all my might, on a loaf of bread, and Mama said " You know, when they say ‘break bread’, they don’t mean you have to really break it.  You can use a knife." aahhh my enlightening MotherAnyway… you guessed it.  My bread is hard as a rock!  OK, not that hard.  But very, very, hard.  Tasty though.


9 thoughts on “Breakfast”

  1. Thanks, I'd love to have you name some templates! You can comment/pm the original name and your new name for the template if you want. I will send you the codes for a few I haven't got up yet and you can look at those and think of names for them if you'd like!



  2. Good to know.
    But, not im confused did you not wear a seatbelt that time at Christmas or whatever? with the 8 people?


  3. Yes! I LOVE Panera bread! They donate all their left-over bread to my church, so we get it for free. 🙂 I have had it hard, too… and I agree with the 'hard as a rock.'

    I saw in you interests that you like Bible Quizzing! I've never done it before, but I'm starting this Sunday, so I'm really excited!! Did your team go to nationals earlier this month?

    Another one of you interests I noticed – snow. Three cheers for snow lovers!! I LoVe snow – the more the better! 😛

    Ok… enough of my rambling….
    I saw you on littlebrowngirl's blog, and decided to drop by. 🙂 Come by my blog if you care too!

    Blessings! Erica


  4. You have no idea how encouraging it is just to have you say "Do hard things!" – I've said it to myself so many times, but it's good to hear it from someone else. 😀

    I get that all the time… people think that I'm my little brother's mom. ACK!

    Well, stop by again if you feel like it!



  5. I get to memorize the whole book of Mark… hehe. I've never memorized more than a chapter out of a book, so this is going to be a challenge!
    A guy from my church won 1st for most questions answered in quizzing, the team got 5th, and the elementary team won first in nationals, so that was really cool!

    I'm sorta a Rebelutionary… I mostly just read their posts, with an occasional comment. I'm thinking about applying for a forum membership, but my sister said you had to write like a 200 word answer to some question, and writing isn't my strong point. Especially when you have to write 200 words about one subject. I don't know… maybe it was only 100…

    No, I didn't get a shirt… 😦 I want one, but I guess I'm just too much of a penny pincher. I hate spending money. Weird, I know, but true. Do you know if the sale is over?
    So did you just give the too small one to a sibling? Lol…

    Hehe… I just got a pop-up saying that the Rebelution just updated… lol… that was random…

    Actually, it was my older sister who was 'SethsSister', but she didn't really like HSB, so she's on WordPress now. I was SethsOtherSister, but I really didn't like that name…. this one isn't my favorite either, but I like it better. 🙂

    So, you can now say that you have the longest comment I've ever written on you blog. Don't you feel special? Lol… I have to go! You have a good night!
    In Christ, Erica


  6. That was a really nice Rebelution update. I was hoping they would actually post something…lol.

    I meant to ask you if I could add you to my friends list??


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