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Thank you Fiddler

1. favourite color: Pink

2. least favourite color: olive

3. color of pants: blue (denim)

4. color of shirt: Tie Dye

5. color of favourite CD: I don’t remember,  I didn’t like it so a made a sticker to cover it.
6. favourite color of dream car: Lime Green

7. color that you want your mom to dye her hair: I don’t want her to dye her hair!!!!

8. color of best friends brother’s eyes: I haven’t seen her brothers eyes, he’s too wiggly.
9. color of dream pet:  black
10. color of ipod: my MP3 player is black.  I don’t have an iPod.

11.  color of what you last ate: red (Strawberry):q

12. find what color you answered with most: Lime green and olive are both green right?  So green?
13. tag as many in the color: Green

Lets see: SamIAm BreezyTulip LittleBrownGirl Booklover Stillsmallvoice


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