Did you know I write poems?  If you read my blog back when it was on blogspot, then you can just skip all this and read the new poem.  But since some of you haven’t, I… wait a second… oh… ok… I’ll save some time and just copy my post from there… cool.  Um… wow… ok thats a long post… I’ll just post some of it.

Taken from

I don’t know if mama has told you, But I like poetry, I write it to, And everyone has asked me to post them. So I’m a gona’ post ’em! But first! How I became interested in poetry. As I recall it was one afternoon in 2005 we were watching "reading rainbow" and it was about…Um…What WAS it about? Anyway I tried and tried to think of a poem. Then one day I was sitting at the "desk" in our bedroom looking out the window at the sunflowers we had planted (that’s probably the only thing we planted from seed or otherwise that matter that did not die. But then we found out that we had planted them in the wrong place). And, somehow and I don’t know how, but I wrote down on the paper on the paper. And then I was on a ROLL, and by the end of the day I had written 3 poems. Now I will publish them for the first time!!!!!!


Pixie dust and faries wings,
these are little girls dreams.
Swords clang and dragons flare,
little boys dreams are everywhere.

yah not so good but I got others.
And now the one that started it ALL.

THE (or my) WINDOW 8/9/05

the window is a place, where I can sit and think,
where I watch the birds sing,
where I can listen to the wind blow through the window

A SONG (who knows when I wrote this one)

life is a song ment to be sung,
by all the little ones.
but some are quite and some are loud,
but all of them sing.

 OK, The End (If you skiped all that, start reading again).  My old ones are really short.  Now my new poem.  I wrote it yesterday, that makes it new.  I went a long time without writing one, but thats how I do it. One realy good one, long time, ‘nother really good one.  And they get better as I get older (Who’d a "Thunk"!).


Some say it’s "where the heart is".

Others say it’s "sweet".

Where love begins,

Where family is,

where company you greet.

A place, to come back to.

A haven, in the storm.

A plae, where people love you.

In winter, to be warm.

Some say it’s "where the heart is".

Others say it’s "sweet".

Where love begins,

Where family is,

Where company you greet.


4 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Cute poem!
    Since yours wasn't the only the only comment on my avatar (and I was starting not to like it myself :P) I changed it. 🙂


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