>>Milk Run>>


Yesterday we went to a local farm and got milk.  Thus, the title.  Milk

 Run.  It comes straight from the cow.

Raw.  Raw milk.  Yummy:q.  We don’t skim it :q. Yum… <sigh>. 

Anyway, back to the subject.  Bunny, the sweet, cutie that she is,

YELLS THE WHOLE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And the only way to make

her stop, is to listen to her Happy Music.  You know what I’m

talking about.  Those little kids who all sing so high that you think

they MUST have edited it that way, and is on a 10 year old

tape…  Ugh.   Well, I got an idea.  We sing.  Not in the

van, into "the can".  I thought "We have the makings of a mini

recording studio in our basement. I just have to… and… Hey,

this might work.".  And that’s true.  We have a mic. and all that

stuff.  We’ve done somthing like it before, but it sounds

AWFUL.  We didn’t know what we where doing!  Daddy

just made up some songs.  Great songs, but we kids were

all yelling and stuff.  Now we are better singers, we sing

at once, and we don’t make them up as we go.  We do that

part in Maywin (St. Pat’s name before he was St. Pat.

It’s our Green 15 Pass van.).  This could work.  We

could call it Roadtrip with the *****.

I took this picture.  I did a good job editing out the

rear veiw miror, didn’t I?

I did it again!

This time I took out the antenna.  Not as good.

The first picture Bunny ever took.

Oh, lunch time.


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