Hiya earthlings,

As soon as I mail these last letters, I will have the Letters charm (for a charm bracelet) for Keepers!  YAY!!!!  It will be my first one, I think.  Ya see, I’ve had the book for about five years, maybe six, but I never really did anything that was in the book.  Now I almost have: Babysitting, Baking, Flower Pressing and Personal Journal.

I think I’ll write random things.  I like writing in colors!  Bunny’s so cute.  She just babbles all day long.  She says: Dada, Dat do (thank you), Neg Neg (her name for Lovable), Dish (her word for "this".  She says it mostly when she shouldn’t have "dish"), Numm (Food, somtimes said twice), Oo’s (Cheerios), she also pats the top of her head to mean Dada(He’s bald and we rub his head), Glop (Mashed potatos. ok, she doesn’t say that much), I’s tuck, Was dat.


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