Thank you Lovable!!!!!!!!!!

I needed somthing to post about, and Lovable tagged me.  Yay Lovable! <Clap clap clap>

Here it is.


Rule:ADD 2 questions to this tag and pass it on

Name: Lioness
Age: 13 (14 in July)
Hair Color: Dark brown, almost black
Eye color: Brown mostly.  They change with what I wear.  Red or pink shirt they look browner, blue they look greener.
Glasses? Sometimes, I usally wear contacts. 


What do you wanna be when you grow up? A midwife and mother

Favorite shoes: "Tennies"

Do you like shopping? For crafts or stuff like that? Oh yeah

Favorite Sport: Swimming and BasketBall
Do you wanna get married someday? Of course!


Color of your toothbrush? Light blue and white
Bracelets or no bracelets: Annoying.  Necklaces.
Earrings or no? I would like to wear earrings.  But I don’t like the thought of needles IN MY EARS.

Do you floss? No.

Do you have pets: Not any more.  We have had hermit crabs and cats (not at once).

What kind of car do you NOT like: PTcruiser.
What is your favorite cartoon? Snoopy
What’s your favorite kind of fOOD: Chocolate, Okra, cheese, and graham crackers with chedder cheese. (sounds gross.  but try it.)

Favorite band: I like lots.  Look on the sidebar.
Hat or no hat: Hat.  Baseball cap or bucket hat or bandana.
Favorite movie: Toy Story 1 & 2 are both good.  Princess Bride is better though.

What are you wearing? My uniform, of coarse.  Blue jeans, a T and socks and bandana.

What is your favorite color? Light blue, Hot pink and Turple.
do you have a watch? I have two.  One the band is too small, and the other the band messed up.

what kind of computer do you have? Dell

Do you have a cell phone? Yeah, sorta…I control the "Kids’ Phone" in the family

What kind of car do you want when you grow up: A Lime Green VW Bug with daisy tail light covers.

 Bare foot or no?Sock foot!

Question: Do you want a baby brother or sister or NO MORE SIBS! Or You don’t care just want another sib, Or you don’t care at all? Answer: I want lots more siblings!

Do you like dolls? Not really.

How many times a day do you brush your hair? Once a day.

Do you make up signs with your siblings?  Yeah.  Lovable and I have many signs,  we also speak pig latin.

Who do you tag? Super Scot, StillSmallVoice, LittleBrownGirl, Abbypie3000


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