Tag Ed! (And yes I meant that. If you know anyone named Ed, tag them.)

1.Do you have more than one enemy: Don’t think so.

2.Have you recently had the urge to take over the world: Not the whole world.

3.Do you love mint chocolate chip ice cream: Yes!

4.Do you snort when you laugh? Uh… Yeah, sometimes.

5.Do you have 1 or more minions: I have many mini minions.  Lovable, Musical, Bubba and Bunny.

6.Do you have a code name: Yes.  But I’m not tellin’.

7.Do you have the desire to own all that there is to own: No.

8.Do you know how to type an evil laugh correctly: Mwahahaha. Indeed.

9.Do you know how to laugh an evil laugh correctly: Yes

10.Do you have a specific continent in mind for your private island once you rule the world: I like Australia.

11.Will you do all in your power to be nice and kind to the animals: Not evil enough… well maybe a little.

12.Do you have a grandma that shares your sense of humor: Don’t think so.  Maybe?

13.Do you have a partner in your plans for world domination: Quite.

14.Have you always had a very commanding personality: I … uhhh…  I think so. (This is Lioness’ Mother:  YES.  She has.  🙂

15.Do you have a tendency to smile an evil grin: Yeah.

16.Have you have always been extremely spoiled and used to having your own way: No (This is Lioness’ Mother again.  She just lied. 🙂


How to tell, you ask? That is easy 0-3 yes’: you are not even remotely fit to rule;  4-6: you will make a competent ruler 7-11: I have seen worse, yet I have seen better 12-16: YOU ARE THE PERFECT PERSON TO RULE THE WORLD!!!

I don’t think I should though.


3 thoughts on “Tag Ed! (And yes I meant that. If you know anyone named Ed, tag them.)”

  1. 14.Have you always had a very commanding personality: I … uhhh… I think so. (This is Lioness' Mother: YES. She has. 🙂

    All I can say is that I'm sure, in the end, she'll use her powers for good and not evil! lol! 🙂 Right, Annie-of-my-heart? 🙂


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