More Pictures

Howdy Earthlings,

I got some cool pictures.


This one proves how slow our shutter is. (It’s a ball. Yeah.)

More "foyia".

And pictures of the ball run we built.

 Bubba and part 1 of our ball run.

 Bubba and part 2 of our ball run (I had to stand in the bathroom because we built it in the hallway.  That’s why there’s a doorjam in the pictures sometimes.)

 part 3 of our ball run. ( I finally got bubba to move.)

The view from the end of the hallway.

Nuf pics.  I did something weird Wednesday.  I, somehow, cut my finger on the pastry mixer thingy (which is not sharp) when I was making dumplings.  I think my hand slipped.  I don’t know.  It hurts.  Oh well. <hums along to In the Belly of a Whale>  Be careful when using a pastry cutter thing.  And when reaching into cabinets with "child proof closers".  Scrached the top of my other hand when I was getting a bandaid for my knuckle. Ouch <very dryly>.  I got all kinds of scratches.  Ok, I’m done gripein’.


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