Weird dream last night


Last night I had a dream.  But you knew that already didn’t you.  I think I’ll tell it as a narrative.  It’s short.  The dream I mean.  The dream was short.  Really short.  Super duper short.  Short short shhhooorrrttt.  Shorty short short. My dream was short, yes it was, my dream was super short.

I was working in a grocery store (where did that come from?).  It was freezing cold and snowing.  The manager told me to go out and get the delivery of frozen ham.  The truck had to drop off the delivery out front because the snow plow couldn’t make it to the back, because the alley  was too narrow.  I went out to the sidewalk and picked up two frozen half-hams ( it was weird because they where in, well, turkey bags.  You know, what the turkey comes in when its frozen).  I opened the door with my foot.  Someone asked me,  "Hey Lioness!  Why’d you kick the door like that?"  So I answered,  "Because my hands were full of ham!  That’s why."  They questioned me again, "Well why didn’t you just get one at a time?"  Again I answered, "Have you been out there?  It’s freezing  outside!!!  I’m gonna make as few trips as possible!"  And then… Daddy woke me up to say good-bye.  It was time for him to go to work.  Rats.

It was a short dream.  I just put in every detail I could remember.

  I’l post tomorrow about St. Valentine’s Day.


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