Me, Myself and Bob

Howdy every-folks,

Yes I got bored from Redwall, they all started, kinda, sounding the same. I still like it, but I wanted to read some non-fiction.  I am now reading "Me, Myself & Bob A True Story About Dreams, God, and Talking Vegetables" By Phil Vischer.  So far I Like it.  It’s about his life and all the trouble he had trying to get some publisher to invest n his business.   Some  are willing to sell it once it’s made and some just don’t think a 24 year old could make a CGI, 30-minute, Christian   kids’ show.

   Now I am in chapter 11 "Have We Got a Show for You".  He finally got some funding to get the equipment, and has made the script, got 2 kinda employees, an office (sorta), and recorded some.  I’m not very far into 11, I just started this morning.  But I’m pretty far into the book for just getting it Saturday, from the library.

   I’m not going to post much about it, ’cause I think you should read it.  But I will try to post about it every few days.

   Lovable thought up a little poem to put on Musical’ and her’s ST. Valentine’s Day Gifts. 

You might not be BIG,

You might not be TALL.

But your heart is ENORMOUS.

So, for you.  A DOLL.

Here’s the doll they made.  Idnit cute?!?

   Have you ever heard of Keepers at Home or Contenders of The Faith?  I kinda do Keepers, and my sisters Lovable and Musical would to if they had the book.  I’m working on Baking and Letters.  In Baking all I have to do now is bake: a cake, a pie and dessert bread.  I’ve already finished:


Yeast Bread

and for pot-lock (as Musical calls it) I made a cherry Cobbler that some thought was chocolate at first glance, then got some and thought it was either blackberry or blueberry.

I also am starting a recipe collection. 

   For Letters I’ve got to: Mail off the "Thank You"s to my Great-Grandmama and Greatgrandaddy M and Papaw, write a letter to Unkeet, write a letter to Mr. Frank Buckles (one of the last WWI veterans).  I have finished:Showing the proper format of a letter, showing how to address a letter, explain why a return address is important.

  Ok, I just want to show you a super cool picture I took of the Kansas City sky-line.  I took this picture while we were on the way to church for my Bible Quiz practice, and then to pick-up Daddy from the airport.

Idnit good?  I took it out the windshield with the flash off.

Ok, now that I’ve bored you to tears, I’m signing off (You’re singing the "Hallelujah Chorus" aren’t you?).



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