Challenge and Tag

Hi everypeople,

I’m doing IloveyouGod’s dress/skirt challenge.  Here’s the picture of my outfit for days 1-3.

Indeed, I’ve worn the same thing for four days, but I’ve only 3 skirts and 2 are quite nearly identical.  I shall change on the morow.  Sorry, sudden burst of old English there, too much Pilgrim’s Progress.

My last Bible Quiz is saturday, so I’ll be wearing a skirt for that.

My wonderful Mother, has just made a pair of bloomers in about one hour if not less.  And they are so warm, ands thats good ’cause it’s 29 but it feels like 19 today and it’s been down in the single digits with – wind chills.

I got tagged by Abbypie3000, kind of.

5 Random Things About Myself:

1. I Like kittens.

2. I like have a Lava Lamp.

3. I have long, thick brown hair.

4. I like the Redwall books.

5. I want to be a Midwife when I get old enough not when I grow up.

5 strange Things About Myself:

1. I LOVE to read but I’m not good at spelling or grammer.

2. I like most bluegrass.

3.I hate math!

4.I like ketchup with fried okra.

5. I like Pooh Bear.

5 Things On My Dresser: Does bookshelf count?

1. Safe.

2. Books.

3. Quizbook.

4. Loom knitting.

5. Crochet stuff.

5 Of Your Best Friends:

1. Jesus

2. *******.

3. ***** .

4. Lovable.

5. Musical

5 Things You Love To Do:

1. READ!

2. Write poems.

3. Talk with friends.

4. Play.

5. Go to Church.

5 People You Are Tagging:

1. RedwallWindow

2. BreezyTulip

3. Booklover


5. IAmLovable


1 thought on “Challenge and Tag”

  1. Hello!

    Thanks so much for participating! I love your skirt. Flowy skirts are so my favorite šŸ˜‰

    Thanks again for sharing!
    Have a great day,


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