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1.How many brothers do you have? 1

2.How many sisters do you have? 4

3.Can you whistle? Yes

4.Do you like "Silly Songs with Larry"? yyyyyyeeeessss

5.How often do you wear black? Once or twice every other week

6.Do you like to wear black? Not really

7.How about pink/purple? Yes I like pink and purple, if you could see my socks you would know just how much.  Hot pink fuzzy knee-highs.

8.What is you favorite veggie? B-R-O-C-C-O-L-I That is the veggie for MEEEEEEE

9.How often do you lose your hairbrush? All the time

10.How long is your hair? Long but my Mama’s is longer, and I have a friend who sits on her hair because it’s so long!

11.Who are you going to tag? Anyone who likes all of this: Strawberrys, Okra slick fried or otherwise, Snow, Broccoli, Kittens, and Lasagna.

12.What is your most silly hat? A big pink "fur" hat.

The Rules: Answer all the questions you can, adding one question to the end.


1 thought on “Tagged by MusicalMe”

  1. 1.1
    5.One time every other week probley
    6.no,not realy
    8. pink, no way but purple is okay.
    9.iI have 4 hair brushes so i don't loose them.
    10.i have 4 brushes so don't loose them so easy.
    11. my hair goes down half of ahalf down my back.
    13.I don't have one


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