Come on, just 1 comment

Good morning my good people!

It’s almost L.M.H.’s 1st birthday so this should be easy , just 1 comment!  We had a cake already. 

But it looks like some bugs already got to it!

Ahhh!  More bugs!  Good thing we put the cake away before they got any further.

Meanwhile it has been snowing for about the past 30 minutes!  I LOVE SNOW!  I LOVE THE COLD!


2 thoughts on “Come on, just 1 comment”

  1. So someone is having a birthday, well then all I can say is…..


    Oh yea, I can't see the pictures that I think you posted. Not sure why.

    Have a great day !!



  2. Hi, I sure would like to see the pictures of your meal. It sounds delicious. I remember Chris Rice singing the Cartoon song at our church before it was recorded. Happy Birthday to LMH!!!! Oma


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