What’s this?

The following was found in an old notebook:

T.T. after pulling his finger out of his nose:”What’s this?”


T.T.:”Moose kicks?”

Daddy:”T.T.,Do you know what a moose is?”

T.T.:”A cow. A big, fat cow.

3 thoughts on “What’s this?”

  1. My, my. Isn’t funny how families come up w/ their own “family languages?” We have “moose kicks,” “fowlers,” “ungions.” tee hee…


  2. I didn’t know Ungions HAD Fowlers! 🙂 Unless it was a blooming Ungion at Outback Steakhouse. 🙂 I guess I must be Fambily because I totally got that! :)Love n hugs,”Auntie” LASomeXeroxVarietyKillsRepetitiveNoise


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