Strawberry Mary

Strawberry Mary loves to do peoples’ hairy,
Peoples’ hairy is what she loves to do.
The only strawberry that Mary won’t eat,
Is a strawberry that is not quite clean and neat
yes, that is a strawberry that even Mary won’t eat.
She has a cat, that she can pat,
And when she pats he says “mew.”

A poem writen for my strawberry loving,kitten petting sister Musical for her birthday.

quote: T.T. asked mama if his cereal was old or not
Mama:”yes,it’s old.”
TT:”oh”(with sad look on his face)
Mama:”it’s slightly aged”
TT:(confused)”Mama, first you said ‘it’s old’ then you said ‘it’s lightly edged’!”

1 thought on “Poem”

  1. Hello dear one!Your Auntie LA thinks you’re just the best! πŸ™‚ *hugs* Can you write me a poem about lavender flowers and their super powers? All the accents in my room are lavender colored! πŸ™‚ Love,LA


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